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ELE Trävaru AB

ELE Forsa AB

Sawn timber

ELE Trävaru AB & ELE Fastigheter

Ele Gustav Nyrén

Gustav Nyrén

Managing director and sales
ELE Trävaru

+46 (0)278-63 60 74

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Ele Andreas Eriksson

Andreas Eriksson

Maintenance technician

+46 (0)278-65 90 86

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Henrik Hedlund


+46 (0)278-65 90 84

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Pallets, packaging and wood components

ELE Forsa AB

Ele Mattias Ringstrom

Mattias Ringström

Managing director, ELE Forsa AB

+46 (0)650-377 02

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Ele Skog AB

Ele Ulrika Eriksson

Ulrika Eriksson

Managing director and sales
ELE Skog AB / Forest Manager

+46 (0)278-63 60 75

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Head office

AB Ewald Larsson Eftr.