Quality, the environment and certification work

Our operations are based on a long-term approach and sustainability, which extends to our ownership, raw materials and end products. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers, based on quality, trust and cooperation, to enable us to constantly develop together.

Quality, sustainability and certification work
Our operations are based on a long-term approach and sustainability in everything from ownership and raw materials to production and end products. We are continuously working to improve our sustainability management and to fulfil applicable certification requirements.

The level of quality that ELE delivers to customers is specifically tailored to customer requirements. The raw materials in ELE’s products come from a geographically defined catchment area, yielding a product of uniformly high quality. Our level of quality is consistent with no significant variation, making ELE a safe and reliable supplier of wood products.

Regular checks are conducted on all processes at the sawmill in Kilafors: timber reception, timber sorting, the sawmill, the dryers, the trimming plant and, ultimately, in connection with delivery. Each sorted length of timber is marked with a numeric code that indicates who processed the specific item. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our level of quality is identical for all deliveries. Our concept of quality also includes ensuring that the customer receives their goods at the right time. All lengths of timber, except grade VII, are marked with our shipping mark on both ends.

ELE works almost exclusively with wood, a renewable raw material. We own forests that we manage, cultivate and harvest. We exchange raw materials with other active companies within the sector in order to reduce transport and thereby our climate impact. ELE holds environmental and traceability certificates in accordance with FSC® and PEFC.

Our forests are managed in line with our forest management policy. All our holdings must be documented in a computer-aided forest management plan that is regularly and meticulously updated. The specifications of the forest management plan will form the basis for yield determination and forestry planning.


  • To strive for uniform age distribution with an average growing stock of at least 130 forest cubic metres/hectare.
  • The distribution of species should be determined based on the natural land conditions.
  • It is necessary to combat the spread of root rot fungus with most forms of felling by felling in winter or by means of stump treatment.
  • Forest management will be undertaken by the company using certified forestry contractors.

Here at ELE we are continuously working to improve our sustainability efforts out at our sites – both through our forest management policy and in accordance with our certification.

ELE Forsa AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSC-STD-40-004.

ELE Trävaru AB is certified in accordance with PEFC ST 2020:2013: Chain of custody of forest based products and FSC-STD-40-004 ver 3.0.