Collars – Lids – Fittings

Standard collars

We can provide quick delivery of high-quality pallet collars with unique dimensions, printing and colours.

As with all our other wood products, our pallet collars are made using dried timber with a maximum moisture content of 20 %. This means that our pallet collars are extremely durable in terms of strength and shape. Our short lead times and products made to exact customer specifications are a matter of course for us.

Standard dimensions for full pallet collars are 800x1200x200, and for half pallets 600x800x200. These are normally available from stock. In addition to these standard formats we can also supply pallet collars in special dimensions to suit your specific requirements. We can also offer pallet collars both with screen printing (e.g. logos) and in a colour of your choice.

Our pallet collars normally come with four hinges. Pallet collars with six hinges are also available if desired. As a supplementary product, we can also offer pallet lids, with both standard and special dimensions, made from hardboard, plywood, OSB, wood or corrugated cardboard sheets.

• Standard dimensions: 1200x800 and 600x800, height 200
• Custom dimensions
• Standard collars are kept in stock for quick delivery.

Contact us for more information on dimensions and prices for pallet collars.

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