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Wood products from Hälsingland

ELE is a Swedish family-owned timber group that operates on an international market. The company has deep roots in Hälsingland, where ELE manages its own forests, produces sawn pine and spruce, and manufactures pallets, packaging and wood components. All this through long-term and sustainable use of forests and land in Hälsingland.

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In Forsa we have many years of experience of manufacturing both standard and specialist pallets.

Sawn timber

ELE produces sawn timber at our specialist sawmill in Kilafors.


ELE fulfills specialist packaging requests from customers at our processing facility in Forsa.

Wood components

ELE in Forsa can supply you with a wide variety of wood components for fittings or construction.

Updates from ELE

New investment

In collaboration with RemaSawco, we are investing in a new RS-Board scanner in the adjustment plant…

New logotype

When ELE was to update its logo, it was natural to find a logo that was related to Ewald Larsson, fo…

New package

During the summer, we at ELE have worked on our graphic profile and with this, our package hoods wil…