EUR Pallets

EUR standard pallets

The EUR pallet is the most common type of returnable pallet used in Sweden and Europe.

ELE Forsa is a licensed manufacturer of EUR pallets (also known as Euro pallets), certified by DNV. The pallets are marked with an ISPM 15 stamp, which guarantees that the timber has been heat-treated to protect against insect infestation. The pallets can be made from wood chip blocks or wooden blocks.

The EUR pallet was developed and standardized in 1961 as a joint venture between the countries of Europe. The design is robust to enable it to be reused over a long period. The pallets must be marked as EUR or EPAL in order to be accepted.

• Dimensions: 1200x800x144 (cm)
• Weight: approx. 23 kg
• Capacity: 1500 kg (evenly distributed load)

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