About the ELE Group

A timber group to grow with

ELE is a Swedish family-owned timber group that operates on an international market. The company has deep roots in Hälsingland, where ELE manages its own forests, produces sawn pine and spruce, and manufactures pallets, packaging and wood components.

Our operations encompass the entire chain from standing forest raw materials to finished products within several areas of business and with broad geographical coverage. We take a long-term approach to processing and developing both raw materials and customer relationships, since our custom products have been developed in close collaboration with customers.

We cultivate close relationships with our customers in order to jointly develop both the customer’s business and our own profitability in a long-term and sustainable manner.

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ELE stands for Ewald Larsson Efterträdare (Ewald Larsson’s successors) and is a family company operating within the forestry and timber industry

ELE operations

ELE has deep roots in Hälsingland and conducts its operations with a long-term and sustainable approach.


Our operations are based on a long-term approach and sustainability, which extends to our ownership, raw materials and end products